Ten Things Not To Ever Do On A Motorcycle

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For motorcycle enthusiasts, getting out on the open road is always an enjoyable activity. But you have to face facts and know that as a responsible motorcycle rider, there are things you shouldn’t do when riding.

1. First and foremost, never ride without a helmet. Helmets prevent deaths and serious injuries for both drivers and passengers.

2. Don’t leave without the proper gear. Pants, jackets, gloves and good riding boots will protect you from the weather as well Read more…

Ten Tricks Anyone Can Do On A Motorcycle

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Doing a trick on a motorcycle looks really cool and can be a lot of fun, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. One thing that you need to know about motorcycle use is that you want to keep yourself safe at all times. This means wearing the right protective equipment but also avoiding stunts and tricks that could cause you to get seriously injured. Another thing about doing tricks on a motorcycle is that you never want to do them around other cars or vehicles that are on the road with you.

As a motorcyclist, you need to make Read more…

Riding Without A Helmet A Sign Of Courage Or Stupidity?

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The thrills and chills of biking with or without a helmet is one of the reasons why those who have found a passion for motorcycles return time and time again to their bikes instead of other ways to travel. You can be a true enthusiast and still have a few parts of your riding that are different compared to others. This is really the main case when the debate between wearing a helmet to ride or going without comes up in conversation and in life. You may find that the lure of the dangerous aspect of rising Read more…

The Importance Of Wearing Your Leather

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Ever see a motorcycle wreck?

You might have seen news coverage of one or you might have seen a movie on direct tv or something where such a thing occurred. It’s a pretty brutal occurrence and a grim prospect that every rider must learn to cope with every time they fire on the throttle and take off down road. I mean, let’s face it, human skin isn’t all that tough, in fact it is quite soft. Imagine your skin coming into contact with asphalt as you careen off your bike and down the road at 80 miles per hour. Ever see the head of an eraser when you press it up against a belt sander? That’s all you need to remember whenever you think about getting on a motorcycle without protection.

And we’re not just talking about helmets, either. You know those leather jackets all the motorcyclists like to wear. Sure, sometimes it’s for fashion but it’s also to protect your extremities and your skin in case of tragedy. Believe me, you don’t want to know what road rash looks like or feels like – do the smart thing whenever you hop on the hog and wear your leather. It could save your life.

Helmet Laws In Various States And Countries

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For motorcycle riders across the United States, as well as other countries around the world, you must be concerned with the safety aspect of riding a bike, as well as knowing the local rules of wherever you live, and whether or not your state (or country if outside the United States) requires you, the motorcyclist, to wear a helmet while riding.

Many riders tend not to want to wear a helmet when riding. However, this is the only way one can be safe when riding a motorcycle, which unlike a car, if you Read more…

What Gear Is Necessary For Riding A Motorcycle?

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There is no gear which is required for motorcycle riders to purchase. However, in many states, it is required for motorcycle riders to wear helmets, other than that there are no requirements; and even that law is not truly enforced very often.

As far as riding gear (clothing and brands) most motorcycle riders typically wear jeans, short cut t-shirts, black leather boots, and the leather jacket look. Although these are not required to ride a motorcycle, any biker bar you enter, this is the typical “gear” that you will Read more…

Where To Buy Gear For Motorcycle Riding

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There are many different places to buy motor cycle gear. Everywhere from buying online over the internet to going to your motor cycle dealer who sell thier brand exclusivley.

Some of the most fun options are swap meets and flea markets. Even though you don’t know exactly what you will find, or if you will even find exactly what you are looking for, it is a great adventure all the same. These are great places to find collectibles, vintage memorabilia and gear as well. Read more…

Top Five Best Performing Sport Bikes

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There are a lot of different bikes to choose from with many different features. Some bikes features may fit your needs better than others. Here are the top five.

5. Harley-Davidson VRSC V-Rod Muscle- This may be number five on this list but it is not a bad bike in any way. It is from Harley-Davidson so you know it’s a good bike. Any rider who currently owns this will tell you that it is worth the Read more…